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I-TRACING Apalia will help you to design and build secured Hybrid Multi-Cloud platforms as well as making apps work properly in these new environments.

The adoption of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions will ensure the provision of network and security services designed to protect users, applications and data.


I-TRACING Apalia excels in IaaS, PaaS and IT automation leveraging rock-solid DevSecOps and CI/CD processes and tools.

Automation is also critical to mitigate risk across all components of modern software (proprietary code, open-source, APIs, Infrastructure as Code…) hence using e.g. SCA, SAST and DAST solutions.


I-TRACING Apalia offers to reinforce client security control and governance with best practices applied to security policies, security assessment, GRC…

Furthermore, I-TRACING Apalia helps you to properly secure, manage and run your Cloud & Container platforms.


We have the expertise to handle the most demanding engineering project to secure and modernize your Information Systems.

IaaS & PaaS Orchestration

In a hyper dynamic and Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment, orchestrate and secure your IT infrastructure, resources and services with Cloud Security solutions.

IT Automation

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) helps you to simplify and accelerate your IT provisioning process, and keep IT environment consistent and compliant with GitOps.

DevSecOps & CI/CD

I-TRACING Apalia will help you to reduce the timespan of your Applications’ Life Cycle and uncover application security issues with DevSevOps, CI/CD, SAST, AppSec and API Security.

Security & Control

Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Data Encryption expertises are key to fulfill security requirements on-Premises and in the Cloud.

Data Protection & Privacy (DPP) solutions will help you protecting your sensitive data and mitigate the oversharing risk, leveraging your data loss prevention practice (DLP).

Governance & FinOps

Continuously optimize your IT environment against your Governance, Risk & Control (GRC) expectations.

As well, align your Multi-Cloud costs without compromising the required features and performance.

Observability & Management

Proactively monitor and manage your cloudified and containerized IT environment, while having a full-stack view: monitoring, logging, alerting and tracing.

SIEM solutions and I-TRACING SOC services bring in-depth visibility, actionable recommendations, and emergency responses to empower your CERT / CSIRT team.


I-TRACING Apalia assists Organizations to simply adopt and automate the use of Cloud solutions and services, with the proper approach to security and governance.


I-TRACING Apalia assists customers through their Cloud and Cybersecurity journey with valuable know-how gained on successfully performed projects.


I-TRACING Apalia’s subject matter experts help Clients to design, implement and automate hybrid Multi-Cloud, Containers, Security and IAM solutions.

Managed Services

I-TRACING Apalia smoothly runs complex end-to-end “cloudified” IT environments. Likewise, with its I-CERT and SOC services, I-TRACING Apalia will help you strengthen your most critical businesses and assets.

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I-TRACING assists its Clients on their transformation journey worldwide, and operates from offices in France, Switzerland, the UK, Canada, and Hong Kong.


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