Apalia is the developer of Amysta, a leading software for Cloud infrastructure usage metering, cost control and billing.

Amysta is a leading Cloud Management software providing billing for Cloud Service Providers and Cloud Cost Optimization for Enterprise Cloud.

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Amysta Billing allows CSP using OpenStack or CloudStack to start Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with shorter Time-to-Market, accurately monetizing the Service Offerings, and effectively reducing Customers’ account management overhead.

Amysta ChargeBack empowers Business Units stakeholders to gain predictability and transparency in IT spending with detailed usage and cost optimization. Amysta enables OpenStack and CloudStack to deliver IT-as-a-Service capabilities.

Amysta CloudStore provides a single place for users to easily and instantly order, provision, and launch in a “one-click” approach cloud-enabled applications and fully qualified Cloud Infrastructure Service items.

Supported Infrastructures

Amysta integrates with OpenStack Telemetry/Ceilometer, Apache CloudStack, Accelerite CloudPlatform, and Amazon AWS.

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