By leveraging Cloud and Container infrastructure, our services support IT and digital transformation.

Please find below sample of our Services.

Cloud Roadmap

As a pioneer in Cloud advisory, Apalia will assist you to seamlessly define or update your Cloud roadmap including all related topics such as automation, DevOps, Container, Big Data, ML strategies…

Cloud Adoption Framework

If you’d like to streamline Cloud adoption by onboarding all involved departments, define a clear action plan and set-up a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), we’ll provide all the advices and guidelines.

Private / Hybrid and IaaS / PaaS Design

If you need to keep some data internally while benefiting from the latest VM and Container orchestration, you can leverage our deep expertise in IaaS / PaaS design with solutions such as CloudStack, OpenStack, Kubernetes, OpenShift…

Cloud Migration Assessment

If your applications need more than just a lift-and-shift to get running on AWS or Azure, our team can re-platform or re-factor to efficiently migrate your existing applications to the Cloud.


Apalia excels in application and infrastructure automation leveraging rock-solid processes and tools such as Terraform, Ansible and CloudFormation.

DevOps & CI/CD

Apalia experts are paving the road of Cloud native applications and fostering DevOps initiatives with Docker, CI/CD environment and automation tooling.

Awareness and Training

New Cloud & Container infrastructures require substantial education efforts, Apalia offers a wide range of awareness workshops and custom trainings on solutions such as Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS…

Application and Infrastructure Automation

Our DevOps Team will help you leverage infrastructure-as-code and configuration-as-code tools to industrialize deployment and patching in an error-prone, traceable and secure way…

Application Migration for Public Cloud

From connectivity options to security and performance optimization, Apalia will leverage its deep expertise of AWS and Azure Clouds to deploy any types of applications, either legacy or micro-serviced.

Private and Hybrid IaaS / CaaS / PaaS Deployment

By either reusing existing underlying infrastructure or integrating new building blocks, Apalia will assist you to deploy open-source VM and Container orchestrators to provide IaaS, CaaS and PaaS features fully or partially running in your datacenter.

Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Integration

Apalia brings its expertise to help you specifying Cloud resources’ governance and optimization objectives, setting-up Hybrid Cloud provisioning portal, cost optimization, chargeback…

Operation Tools Integration

Apalia integrates open-source log analysis and monitoring platforms to reinforce operational services for container and hybrid multi-cloud contexts.

Public Cloud Managed Services

We’ll let you focus on your applications and we’ll take care of your AWS or Azure infrastructure for you. Our AWS and Azure managed services lower risks during change management, patching, security, backup, and maintenance.

Private and Hybrid IaaS/CaaS/PaaS Managed Services

Apalia offers managed services for Cloud and Container orchestrators deployed in your own datacenter or in a hybrid mode.

Continuous Performance Management

Digital Experience in a hybrid multi-cloud environment requires consistent application’s response time. Apalia managed services platform leverage the most advanced performance tools for the most stringent KPI’s.

Cost Optimization and FinOps

Benefits from Apalia’s public cloud financial operation (FinOps) know-how in managing Cloud cost effectively by continuously tracking, monitoring, forecasting and optimizing Cloud cost for your company.

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