Our pioneering team members are helping Organizations of all sizes to benefit from Cloud Computing technologies, solutions and services. Our main goal is to support our clients to making their business more effective while reducing their costs.

Apalia’s Service offerings cover different aspects to effectively carrying-out a Cloud infrastructure. For instance, with Apalia services we take care of supporting customers to:

  • Develop a specific strategic approach towards Cloud and mobility;
  • Coach and instruct Organization’s key stakeholders through awareness workshops and technical trainings;
  • Evaluate and select the solutions provided by virtualization & Cloud market’s players that best match the Organization’s IT and financial departments expectations;
  • Design and implement a secure, reliable, and efficient architecture, and provide IT production with support services.

Cloud Strategic & Advisory Services

As a pioneer of cloud computing, Apalia offers customers valuable feedback on successfully performed projects.

Apalia assists Enterprises to identify Cloud Computing challenges and opportunities, and develop a specific strategic approach significant to their Organization, by:

  • Assessing their Organization needs, constraints and readiness to deploying and using specific Cloud Computing solutions,
  • Characterizing a consistent Business case to demonstrate the viability from the technical, financial and operational aspects,
  • Setting-up the roadmap towards the development of the required Cloud infrastructure and services.

Apalia provides customers key stakeholders with coaching workshops to increase the Organization awareness on Cloud benefits and risks. Apalia helps both Business Unit and IT Managers to get an in-depth understanding of Cloud Computing and its ecosystem.

For instance, we undertook for our Clients the following initiatives:

  • Market analysis and insights to Vendors and Cloud Service Providers offerings;
  • Broad view of the Cloud Computing performance, security and compliance issues;
  • Technical training sessions towards IT professionals on Virtualization and Cloud technologies and related operational best practices, which included various live demonstrations and practical cases thanks to our Apalia-IaaS Lab.




Legacy IT migration & Cloud Integration


Since 2010, Apalia’s subject matter Experts help Clients to design and implement Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures either starting it from scratch or by integrating it within their existing IT environments.

Apalia masteries the challenges associated with the migration of physical and virtualized servers towards a Cloud infrastructure with minimal service outage.

For instance, we will be able to assist you integrating virtualization and Cloud technologies by:

  • Classifying resources and applications suited for Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud;
  • Defining and setting services catalog, expected SLA including performance criteria and KPIs;
  • Adapting existing “building blocks” for Cloud infrastructure: network, storage, server, and virtualization;
  • Implementing Cloud orchestration and provisioning for servers and virtual desktops;
  • Recommending and integrating infrastructure’s security solutions & systems;
  • Optimizing “Infrastructure as a Service” IaaS operations;
  • Using Cloud-based technologies and infrastructures to handling Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) issues;
  • Migrating “Workloads” into Public Cloud
  • Setting up Cloud Management Platform (CMP) for the purpose of Private / Public Cloud management and governance.



Security Services

SécuritéApalia helps businesses to mitigate the risks inherent to the transitioning towards the Cloud Computing and the usages of Cloud Services.

As an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) we have been developing our expertise by means of applying CSA recommendations and IT security best practices to handle the very specific security issues linked to the virtualization and Cloud technologies.

Apalia has been one of the first companies to apply CSA Cloud Security Matrix recommendations (CCM Matrix) in the context of the implementation and assessment of European Public and Private Clouds.


Our security assessment methodology could for instance include the following aspects:

  • Making pragmatic security recommendations and the necessary changes in order to adapt the Organization’s operations and security policies to virtualization and Cloud Computing;
  • Implementing innovative Cloud security solutions e.g. CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers) including essential features such as Federated Identity (FIM) and Single Sign-On (SSO);
  • Securing infrastructure following the development of mobility and the use of tablets and mobiles in a BYOD mode;
  • Deploying encryption and/or “tokenization” to ensure privacy when using Public Cloud’s storage or SaaS applications.



Apalia Service Support


Apalia specializes in the support of highly complex and mission-critical virtualization and Cloud Computing environments.

Apalia support main objectives are to:

  • Provide with fast and accurate incident respond;
  • Regularly communicate with up-to-date status reports;
  • Make comprehensive root-cause analyses;
  • Efficiently plan and resolve issues with reliable fixes.

Apalia has furthermore the ability to engage on a basis of Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaking down and prioritizing resolution-time by way of severity levels.




Infrastructure Applications Development

Apalia Infrastructure Applications Development offering will assist you building “made-to-order” solutions to fully align off-the-shelf’s commercial or open source Cloud infrastructure systems and OSS/BSS applications to your specific needs.

Apalia approach to Cloud infrastructure & OSS/BSS solutions enhancement is based on agile software development & quality assurance methodology, along with IT experience & proficiency required to implement and operate various types of virtualization and Cloud systems.

Apalia Development team uses different technologies like Java, JavaScript, Python, .NET, and 3rd parties APIs (e.g. CloudStack, OpenStack…) to adapt and/or combine discrete applications and systems together with the purpose of modernizing your Information System infrastructures.

Apalia team members closely work with customer’s stakeholders and 3rd parties to successfully manage the complete development life cycle on areas such as:

  • Prototyping & designing new Cloud Infrastructure features:
    • Expanding Cloud orchestrators to interact with new virtual networking resource management (SDN) and storage management (SDS);
    • Including payment gateway utilized by customers into Cloud usage-based invoicing solution such as Amysta;
    • Etc.
  • Adapting & integrating Legacy and Cloud-based infrastructure systems:
    • Implementing approval workflow to handle services / resources provisioning;
    • Back-end integration with the Organization ERP or CRM systems for features such as metering and invoicing;
    • Etc.
  • Enhancing user experience and efficiency:
    • Adapting Cloud orchestrator GUI to company look and feel;
    • Providing with an internal IT marketplace/App Store to facilitate the provisioning of applications;
    • Setting an Hybrid provisioning system by combining the Private Cloud IaaS provisioning with a Public Cloud IaaS such as “Amazon Web Services” (AWS);
    • Etc.

Apalia also offers dedicated application service support intended towards custom-made solution’s evolution to give our clients the “freedom of mind” in the perspective of a continuous and long-term update, support and maintenance.



Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) & OpenStack Private Cloud (2 days)

Learn Software Defined Infrastructure SDI and OpenStack concepts. Understand the main OpenStack modules required to build a private Cloud. The training includes hands-on labs.

  • SDI/SDDC and Private Cloud concept
  • OpenStack Compute
  • OpenStack storage modules: Swift, Cinder and Manila, Software Defined Storage (SDS) with Ceph
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) / Network Function Virtualization (NFV) & OpenStack
  • Labs

Introduction to Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher (1 day)

This training will give you the knowledge and abilities to understand the Containers ecosystem and technical aspects. It will provide Docker & Kubernetes fundamentals and identify the main use cases and implementation opportunities.

  • Containers ecosystem
  • Use cases
  • Using Docker, Kubernetes and Rancher
  • Labs

CloudStack/CloudPlatform – (2 days)

Learn how to design, set up and operate a CloudStack/CloudPlatform IaaS. You will learn fundamental concepts, architecture, installation, configuration and management for Private or Public Cloud. The training includes hands-on labs.

  • CloudStack/CloudPlatform components and architecture
  • How to use and configure CloudStack/CloudPlatform storage, network and security
  • CloudStack/CloudPlatform management and common daily operational tasks
  • Using CloudStack/CloudPlatform API and command line

Introduction to AWS (1 day)

Introduction to AWS Cloud Services and common use cases. Identification of AWS services relevant to Enterprise IT. Focus on the main AWS building blocks with hand-on-labs to get started working with AWS.

  • Introduction to AWS public Cloud IaaS
  • Discover and use AWS services, answers to migration concerns
  • AWS Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Configure and manage AWS main building blocks
  • Hand-on labs